Setting up extra fields in Zapier

Extra fields in Sumo

First, make sure you've read our guide on Sumo Fields to see all of the available options.

Now, let's add some extra fields!

Extra fields in List Builder 3

  • Open your List Builder 3 popup in the Design tab
  • Add an input field to your form
  • Select either a Preset Field or a Custom Field
  • IMPORTANT: Remember the variable names you're using for each of your extra fields!

Extra fields in List Builder 2 and Scroll Box

  • Open your Popup/Box and click on the Fields tab on the left
  • Click Add Field to add a field. Make sure to remember the variable name you use!

Extra fields in Welcome Mat

Check out our article on Welcome Mat fields

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Extra fields in Zapier

  • Log into your Zapier account
  • Create a Zap and enter the Zap setup wizard
  • In the View Webhook step, copy the webhook URL and paste it into your Sumo Zapier integration
  • Go to the Test this Step step
  • IMPORTANT: To pass your extra fields successfully, you will need to test by subscribing through the Popup you've created in Sumo that contains those extra fields during this step. Do not use the Test Settings button if you're passing multiple fields or it will not work!
  • Complete the rest of your Zap and make sure to turn it on!

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